EBW AnalyticsGroup provides independent expert analysis of U.S. natural gas and electricity markets.

Our research and analysis publications, energy price forecasting model, and consulting services identify and explain the trends that move today’s energy markets. By monitoring the most important targets – including potential impact of weather, supply, core demand and other key drivers – with our proprietary models, we’ve been correctly assessing where the markets are likely to head next for more than a decade.

We are an independent and tightly knit organization with a streamlined structure, allowing us to make decisions quickly, execute our strategy effectively, and provide exceptional service.


We provide solutions to many of the premier names from a diverse range of industries; our clients include large electricity and natural gas users, electricity purchasers, traders, power plant owners, natural gas producers, retail electrical suppliers, coal producers, electrical utilities, hedge funds, distressed debt investors and the general financial community. 


Our objective is to be as helpful to you as possible by giving you the analysis, information and tools you need to help ensure that your risk management processes are sound.

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Andrew Weissman  |  Andy has provided strategic advice to leading firms in the energy sector for more than thirty years, playing a key role in developing innovative business structures for major energy transactions, and transforming energy and environmental policy at the state and federal level. The guiding force behind all EBW AnalyticsGroup products and services, he is also publisher and editor-in-chief of our research publications and Senior Energy Advisor to Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP. Andy is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Get bio (PDF).


Eli Z. Rubin  |  Eli is an expert in econometrics, statistics, microeconomics, and energy-related public policy. He is instrumental in designing the algorithms used in our models, and in assessing the potential discrepancies between theoretical and practical market effects of models and historical results.

Alex Gilbert  |  Alex specializes in electricity regulation, energy technology, and statistics, with a particular focus on how weather, environmental policy, regulatory structure, and fleet composition impact the operations of restructured and rate-regulated electricity markets.


Ernest Ellingson  |  Ernie is responsible for EBW's mathematical modeling and computational methods. He has previously served as Chief Economist for the Missouri Public Service Commission; Manager of Forecasting and Economic Analysis and as Vice President of Marketing Services for Georgia Power.


Leara Kuffer  |  With more than thirty years of experience in developing and managing corporate graphic identity, marketing and branding, Leara is responsible for the design, style and user interface; as well as the planning, coordination, and execution of all of our products and services.


Andy Weissman, CEO

Andy Weissman, CEO

The depth of EBW’s knowledge regarding each facet of the natural gas and power markets is invaluable and unrivaled.
— Oscar Schafer | Member, Barron's Roundtable