Q: What does a subscription to Energy Risk Report include?

A:  Energy Risk Report is delivered in weekly issues every month: 

  1. The National Issue features energy market highlights; significant implications of weather; electricity and natural gas overviews and purchasing recommendations. Includes periodic up-to-date analyses of new power plant restrictions, seasonal trends, and developing geopolitical impacts.
  2. MISO and ISO-NE
  3. ERCOT and CAISO
  4. PJM and NYISO

The ISO Issues include risk alerts, buying recommendations, and detailed price forecasts through 2018 for the six major ISOs in the United States, accounting for two-thirds of total electricity sales in the country. Energy Risk Report Fact Sheet.

Q: Who benefits from the Report?

A:  Our subscribers run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to small independent electricity purchasers, and include large users of electricity and natural gas, power plant owners, retail electrical suppliers, electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, traders and hedge funds. 

Q: Do you offer different levels of subscription plans?

A:  We offer special pricing for power brokers and for multi-user site licenses.

Q: How can I get a promo code?


A:  Energy Risk Report has teamed up with ENGIE Resources for a special offer for its commercial, industrial and institutional customers.  To subscribe with an ENGIE promo code, click here.

Q: What are the terms of service?

A:  Subscriptions to Energy Risk Report are for individuals and billed automatically to your credit card each month.  Subscribe.  Discounted pricing is available for multiple users at the same company. Inquire.

Q: How is the Report delivered?

A:  The Reports are disseminated via emails which include a link to a secure download of each issue. Be sure to white-list support@EBWAnalytics.com to receive your Reports.

Q: What makes Energy Risk Report different?

A:  Led by energy expert Andy Weissman, the experienced, cross-disciplinary Energy Risk Report Team uses an integrated approach to assessing energy market movements in today's shale-driven environment.

The intelligence in the Report is based on proprietary models that dynamically assess price drivers for natural gas and electricity, including:

  • more than fifty specially developed algorithms
  • data on weather and plant operations developed using hourly information for over ten years from every National Weather Service station
  • monitoring of every fossil fuel-fired power plant in the United States
  • our breakthrough analysis of recent changes in the operation of coal-fired plants
  • weather feeds and exclusive, county-by-county degree-day calculations not available from any other source.